If you enjoy the outdoors and love the ocean and fishing like we do, then you know that there is much more to fishing then just catching fish. And, because it is our desire to help you experience the truly important things about fishing; as well as help you catch “that one fish" more than just once in a lifetime. We have been busy working hard behind the scenes. We have new shapes and colors being released. These colors and shapes are currently in different phases of development and testing. We have created a new section on our website to feature these new releases. You can find this section in our Main Menu under “New Bait Shapes”. And, we invite you to take a few minutes to check-out this section. It’s our hope that you will come to more than just love our baits, like we do. For us the exciting thing about all of this is that we are just getting started with much, much, much more coming - our best baits and colors has not been released yet. (NOTE: This website is a work in progress - We are still editing and improving this website.)

Collection: We Do Things Differently - Baits Colors and Shapes with UV and Glow

When exceptional is the answer.  We do things differently and go out of side of the box to challenge the status quo.  And yes, we colored outside of the lines when we were growing up. 

This collection of colors and glitter options that combine both UV and glow technologies and put them into our baits. Many of these color combinations that are included in this collection we have made since we started our company; however, we just didn't put them in their own section.  This UV and glow combination allows you to you fish your baits in daylight, low light, dark, and murky water conditions.

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  • Da Fry (1.5 Inch Legnth) with Bluewater Blend and UV
    Color Code 0019: Aqua Watermelon Glow (Da Fry in the light)
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