If you enjoy the outdoors and love the ocean and fishing like we do, then you know that there is much more to fishing then just catching fish. And, because it is our desire to help you experience the truly important things about fishing; as well as help you catch “that one fish" more than just once in a lifetime. We have been busy working hard behind the scenes. We have new shapes and colors being released. These colors and shapes are currently in different phases of development and testing. We have created a new section on our website to feature these new releases. You can find this section in our Main Menu under “New Bait Shapes”. And, we invite you to take a few minutes to check-out this section. It’s our hope that you will come to more than just love our baits, like we do. For us the exciting thing about all of this is that we are just getting started with much, much, much more coming - our best baits and colors has not been released yet. (NOTE: This website is a work in progress - We are still editing and improving this website.)

Who Are We?


Welcome to Water's Edge Baits.  Thank you for visiting our store.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and develop a successful long term relationship with all of our customer's. So, please relax, kick back and enjoy your visit. 

At Water's Edge Baits we love the outdoors and are passionate about the ocean, fishing, adventure, learning, discovery, and exploration.  We are experienced fishermen who are pathfinders, and discovers; who love to experiment, create, and explore.  At Water’s Edge Baits, we are different and we do things differently.  We are not afraid to intelligently challenge the “the norm” and “status quo”.  We embrace both the new ideas and old traditions and we learn from both as we apply the good from it, while we strive to walk the edge of extraordinary too make things better for everyone. 

When we started this journey as a company, we were very unsatisfied with the soft plastic lures that were available to us, so we set out to do something about it and do something exceptional, too satisfy our the need for a better soft plastic bait.  So we decided to do things better and make things better, because we knew we could. We knew that good isn't good enough; because, exceptional is the answer.  We take your desire to catch fish very seriously. We take the time to test, test, and retest and then retest again all of our soft plastic bait styles and colors.  We can say our baits catch fish; because they do.  Our products bring people together, create memories, and fulfill dreams.  And just maybe, our products will help someone you know catch the fish they will talk about for decades to come. For us it's not just about making exceptional baits and selling them, it is much more than just that.  It's about helping people have fun and find fulfillment.  It is about experiencing life, adventure, learning, exploration, discovery, and all of the joy and excitement that fishing has to offer.  It's also about helping people meet their goals and fulfill their dreams.

At Water’s Edge Baits, we realize that in any worthwhile endeavor there is a beginning. For most of us who have chosen to fish, or maybe for you fishing has chosen you, each of our journeys started at the water's edge. Some of us have learned to fish along the shoreline of a beach, lake, pond, stream, or creek. And, some of us have learned to fish on a boat where the water’s edge surrounds us.  Wherever and however we began, we all had a starting place.  

At Water’s Edge Baits, we understand that sometimes the destination is just as important as the journey.  We understand that, if you give a hungry man a fish you will feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you will feed him for a lifetime.  We understand that for many of us, fishing is more than just fishing - it's a way of life. For some of us it is about putting food on the table or supplementing a food budget.  For some of us fishing is a livelihood.  And yet for others, fishing is a way to get away from it all.  And for others, it's a way to connect with the things that make life more important and meaningful.  And yet for others who fish, fishing is about the lessons learned and relationships built along the way that makes everything worthwhile.  And for some it is about adventure, exploration, learning, and applying, and sharing the knowledge and wisdom of both the past and present. And, for some of us fishing is about the anticipation, and challenge of catching the fish of a lifetime.  And yet for others, fishing is about bringing people together, connecting, and building relationships with both family and friends. Whatever it is for you, we are here to help you, by sharing our knowledge and experience that we gained over decades of fishing through the quality hand-injected soft plastic baits we make, so you can enjoy what’s truly important.

At Water’s Edge Baits, we strive to make things better than when we found them.  We use quality ingredients in the baits that we make.  We use a special blend of quality soft plastic that is a little tougher, more durable, and responsive then what is currently used by other lure companies in Hawaii.  Now, don’t get us wrong, we still have lures coming back cut up, and bitten in half, or missing tails from fish that have sharp teeth; but, it just happens less often.   Should you have any questions about our products don't hesitate to ask by filling out the contact form in the "Contact Us" Section. Keep in mind we are located in Hawaii and the time differences may be very different then yours.  However, we will respond to your message as soon as we are able. In most cases within 24-hours.


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