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Fishing Knots for Tying Fishing Hooks - How to Tie A Few Super Strong Useful Knots

Attaching Your Hook to a Leader Line

Thank you for taking the steps to learn more about how to fish. To start off, the weakest point in the line is generally where you make your connections. When it comes to tying your hook it is always good to know how to tie at least 3 different knots. You should know these knots so well that you can tie it with your eyes closed. That means practice, practice, and more practice. Perfect practice equals perfect performance. You practice so much that when, in the middle of the night your battery on your flashlight or your cellular phone dies, you won’t have to end your night fishing - you can do it without light or sight. And, In some places getting a cell phone signal or internet connection is very difficult so looking up how to tie a knot on Google would be impractical or maybe even impossible. Also, in some places the window of opportunity to catch fish is super small - you could miss that window if you are fumbling around trying remember how to tie a hook. 

The following knots are super strong and reliable when tied correctly.  Most of these knots are considered 90% to 100% knots.  What this means is that the knot is just as strong as or stronger than the line that you are using to tie the knot. There are so many YouTube videos on how to tie a fishing hook that there is really no real need to make another video. Below are demonstrations of how to tie a few of these knots. We hope that this information helps in some way:


Non-Slip Loop Knot

Knotless Knot
Palomar Knot
Uni Knot
Improved Clinch Knot
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