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Da Fry with Green Glow
Da Fry with Green Glow
Emerald Glass  Color Code 0031
Color Code 0031 - Da Fry in Emerald Glass

Da Fry - Emerald Glass (Color Code 0031) AKA - Clear Emerald with Green Glow

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This lure is an extremely effective specialized soft plastic bait with the profile of a baby fish, ceritain species of small shrimp, and zooplankton.  Also in Hawaiian water’s this bait also has the same basic profile a jumping jack fry (Istiblennius zebra) which you find in the tide pools at the water’s edge during certain times of the year.   

This bait is very different from other baits currently on the market. Some lure companies try to imitate it, but they don’t come close.  The lure length is 1.5 inches and depending on the color, glitter pattern, and additives it is highly effective both in freshwater and saltwater.   In Hawaiian water’s this bait is highly effective on akule, halalu, menpachi, and aweoweo.  

The baits with the blue and green glow are very difficult to photograph because the glow color is never the same.  The color actually shifts from a blue to a greenish blue and sometimes it looks green.

These baits are sold by the bag.

Please note:   Each bag is usually overfilled.  The bag is sold with 15 baits per bag, but will most likely have 20 baits in them.  Also note, when glow is added to "gin clear" plastic it may cause a very slight haze in the plastic.  We have done our best to minimize the haze and still give you a superior high quality bait that GLOWS.

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